Variant V1.0 (Three & Single Phase)

Measuring Input
Type (Connection) 3P4W Three Phase 4 Wire
Reference Current (I ref.) 5A
Maximum Current (I max.) 3x(80A) Resolution: 0.001A
Minimum Current (I min.) 220mA
Nominal Voltage 3x(230V)
Measuring Voltage Range 0~655V Resolution:0.01V
Active/Reactive Power 32.768~ +32.767 kW/kVAr Resolution: 1 Watt/var
Apparent Power 0 ~ +32.767kVA Resolution1 VA
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz Resolution: 0.01Hz
Power Factor -1.000 ~ +1.000 Resolution: 0.001
Phase Angle -180° ~ +180° Resolution:0.1°
THD+N 0.00% - 99.99% Resolution: 0.01%
THD 0.00% - 399%
Harmonic Component 0.00% - 399%
Measurement Time Is (typical)
Relay Type Three Phase latching relay
Maximum Current 80A
Operating Volatge 12V
Relay Resistance 60 Ohm
Current Consumption (Upon Switching) 120mA ± 10%
Immunity Magnetic Immunity
Switching Feedback Yes
Measurement Accuracy
Active Energy Classe 0.1 Class 100mA ≤ Irms ≤ 80A
Reactive Energy Class 0.2 Class 100mA ≤ Irms ≤ 80A
Voltage, Current, Active/Reactive/Apparent Power, Frequency, Power Factor, Phase Angle ±0.5%
THD+N, THD and Harmonic Analysis 5% Realtive Error
Internal Temperature Sensor ±1 °C(typical)
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage Range 2.8V ~ 3.6V Rated Voltages:3.3V
Device Power Consumptions 2.9W ~ 7.5W Typical: 4.85W
Current Transformer
Rating 10(80)A/ 4mA
Turn Ratio 2500 Turns
Class 0.1 Class, Grade A
Resistance 10 ohms
Pulse Output
Pulse Rate 3200 imp/kWh

Pulse Duration 80ms
Pulse LED Red Color
OLED Display
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Display Color Monochrome (White)
Drive Duty 1/64 Duty
Radio Specifications 2412 ~ 2484 MHz

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Data Rate 20MHz
External Antenna 2.4GHz, 3dB
Other Parameters
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +55 °C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ +50 °C
Dust and Water Protection IP-67
Usage Indoor/Outdoor
Weight 1.8kg

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