Use Cases Variants (V1.0, V2.0, V2.1)

Three Phase Variant
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1. Corporate Sector
1. Remote Monitoring in Harsh Environments
1. Compact Control Cabinets
(a) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2. Retrofitting
2. Machine Monitoring and Control
(b) Data Centers
3. Space Efficiency
3. Building Automation Systems
(c) Energy Audits
4. Control Cabinet
4.Electric Subpanels
(d) Load Balancing
5.Machine Monitoring
5. Display for Energy-Related Metrics
2. Residential Applications
6. Energy Data for Compliance Reporting
6. Emergency Power Monitoring
3. Commercial Buildings
(a) Sub Meter
(b) Lighting Optimization
(c) Demand Response
(d) Tenant Billing
4. Household
5. Remote Monitoring and Management
6. Predictive Maintenance
Single Phase Variant
1. Sustainable Living
1. Sustainable Living
2. Small Business Energy Management
2. Home Energy Audits
3. Home Automation Integration
3. Small Business Energy Management
4. Residential Energy Monitoring
4. Home Automation Integration
5. Home Energy Audits
5. Residential Energy Monitoring

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