Navigate the Future with EnergyMeter Advanced Control and Analytics Hub

Energy Meter deliver on all-in-one automated management to save time, errors and money. With this digital precise energy monitoring the resource and cost efficiency can be increased directly

Dashboard Features

Semrise provides a streamlined presentation of the relevant data, information, and device statistics for the user.

History Management

Track and review past activities and data efficiently for reference and analysis

Load Status Report

Provides real-time device status information, helping monitor operational status

Total Consumed Units

Easily access cumulative records of resource usage for budgeting and billing.

Weekly Consumption History Report

Graphical representation of last week's consumption trends for efficient resource usage insights


Comprehensive Data Insights: Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Semrise delivers a streamlined and user-friendly representation of critical data and device statistics. Users gain access to real-time information on current load status, electricity availability, power factor, current usage, and the total units consumed.

Moreover, it provides a historical perspective by displaying consumption data for the past seven days. Users can even download this historical information in a convenient PDF format.

Additionally, the feature offers insights into the percentage of unit consumption and provides information about the device’s operational mode. This comprehensive data suite empowers users with the tools they need to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Anticipated Billing and Tariff Details

Empowering Financial Planning with Prepaid/Estimated Billing

This functionality offers users a valuable tool to project their billing for the current month. Users can input their expected unit consumption, tariff type, and the relevant distribution company.

This feature not only calculates the estimated bill but also provides transparency by displaying the slab names and their corresponding rates for the selected device. It empowers users to make informed financial decisions and budget effectively by anticipating their expenses for the upcoming billing cycle. It offers flexibility and insight into billing calculations, enhancing user control and financial planning.

Top up/Billings

Effortless Billing and Payment Management with JazzCash Integration

It offers a user-friendly interface for making online payments using JazzCash, allowing for seamless financial transactions. Users can enter the bill amount and choose from multiple payment options, including:

  1. Mobile Account: Users can use their JazzCash mobile account for quick and convenient bill payments.
  2. Credit/Debit Card: This option allows users to make payments using their credit or debit cards, ensuring flexibility in payment methods.
  3. Voucher Payment: Users can redeem voucher payments to settle their bills.

Upon clicking the “Pay” button, the feature directs users to a secure checkout page and then redirects them to the JazzCash Portal for payment processing. 

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Erros Management

Real-Time Error Identification and Reporting

This feature provides timely updates, allowing users to promptly pinpoint the presence of errors and anomalies in the system. By proactively detecting faults and irregular conditions, it helps in maintaining the reliability and performance of our operations.

Managers can use this tool to stay informed about any issues, enabling them to take immediate corrective actions to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the system. This proactive approach to error identification is crucial for maintaining the quality and reliability of our services.

Device Electrical Insights

Comprehensive Electrical Parameter Insights in Real-Time

This feature is designed to ensure that users have access to a wealth of real-time data related to the device’s electrical parameters. It offers comprehensive insights into key parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, and more.

Real-time updates enable users to stay well-informed and respond promptly to any changes or anomalies, ensuring the smooth operation of the device and maintaining a high level of performance. It empowers individuals to make informed choices and respond swiftly to any changes or issues, thereby ensuring the device operates at its best.

Profile Settings

Enhancing User Profile Management and Security

User Profile Information: Here users can view and manage essential user details, including their username, email address, CNIC , and contact number. Users have the flexibility to update these details as necessary, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their user profile.

Change Password: Users can use this functionality to modify their account password. 

These features empower users to maintain the accuracy of their user profile information and proactively manage their account’s security, ultimately enhancing their overall user experience and digital security.

Devices Stats

Comprehensive Device Management

This feature offers a detailed breakdown of each device’s status, mode, active power consumption, current month units consumed, and sharing status. 

  • Device Status: Users can easily determine whether a device is currently active or not, providing insights into its operational status.
  • Device Mode: This reveals the specific mode in which the device is operating, aiding users in understanding its current state and function.
  • Active Power: Users can monitor the amount of power a device is currently consuming, enabling them to make informed decisions about energy usage.
  • Current Month Units: This data offers an up-to-date snapshot of the device’s power consumption for the current month, assisting users in tracking their energy consumption.

Moreover, users have the flexibility to delete a device when necessary. This option empowers users to manage their devices efficiently, removing any that are no longer in use or relevant to their needs.

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