Providing fully efficient digital energy management systems with real-time monitoring & precision

 SEMRISE is an IoT-based energy management system (EMS) that provides remote detailed analytics, real-time monitoring, controlling, and scheduling.

Product Features

It is a real-time energy management system designed for both single-phase and three-phase operations. It offers advanced analytics and real-time controlling. Our solution replaces traditional energy meters with fully digital ones, which are connected to our web and mobile dashboards for easy monitoring.


Monitors real-time energy consumption for all units & levels required


Keeps track of energy consumption and energy conservation


Estimated billing with peak rate detection and automated report

Technical Features

SEMRISE as an IoT device is designed especially for single-phase and three-phase energy operations

Our system monitors energy usage trends both in real-time and historically, identifying bottlenecks and areas of overspending. It provides detailed data to help our customers make informed decisions about energy conservation and management.

App & Web-based Dashboard

Multi-Level Administration Logins

Analytical Utility Reporting

Fintech for Automated Online Payments

How It Works

control unit

Control Unit

Connects to single & three phase energy operation to provide smart controlling capabilities.

cloud software

Cloud Software

Aggregates energy expenditure data in real-time to monitor all relevant metrics for energy conservation.


Mobile Dashboard

Visualizes sensor data into meaningful key metrics and provides full remote control through any mobile device

Customer Benefits

 SEMRISE delivers an all-in-one automated management system to save time, errors and money. With this digital & precise energy monitoring, the resource and cost efficiency can be increased drastically.

Saves up to 30% energy

Real-time energy consumption

Down time & fault alerting

Improved automated process

Improved reaction time

Peak hour monitoring

Reduces human effort & error

Ensure audit safety

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Customer App

SEMRISE tracks your energy expenditure in real-time through a smartphone app anytime and anywhere. It assesses the efficiency of the entire energy system and increase energy conservation to its highest potential. 

1-Phase Specifications


  • Voltage Measuring
  • Current Measuring
  • Units Measuring
  • Frequency Measuring
  • Power Measuring
  • Power Factors Measuring
  • Under-Over Voltage Protection
  • Auto-Cut of Load
  • Anti Theft, Magnetic Immunity Detection
  • Various anti-tampering functions
  • Measuring & storing forward/reverse energy


  • Prepaid & Postpaid Billing
  • Voltage SAG Detection and Alarm
  • More Than 1 Year History Energy Registers
  • Unit Alarming
  • Pulse Outputs with Power (Active & Reactive) Detection
  • Up-to 100A Load Switching Capability
  • Recording all events including programming, power failure & tampering, etc (optional)
  • Framing all data in timed, instant, pre-set, daily & hourly mode, etc.

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